Airtel do not call registry: How to block unwanted calls and advertisements in Airtel phones

Do you get too many advertising calls on your Airtel mobile phone? Too many unsolicited calls on the cells phones can be really annoying. In this post, I will show different ways to block unwanted calls and advertisements in your cell phone.

I usually don't mind few advertisement calls on my mobile phone since I don't otherwise receive too many calls on it. But it was too much last few days. I was getting about 15 to 20 advertising calls a day from various sources. The frustration was going up day by day along with the number of calls received per day.

Finally I decided to block unwanted calls and advertising calls on my Airtel mobile phone. A quick look at Airtel showed me the Airtel Call Manager service, which is a paid service. They will charge you Rs 30 per month to provide you the ability to "manage calls" like block certain calls and play a recorded message for them. In addition, this feature will allow you to add registered tele-callers to the block list.

Do not disturb registry of Airtel

I found 2 different ways to add your phone number to Do-not-call registry of Airtel, which will block unwanted tele marketing calls and SMS advertising.

1. Dial 1909 from your cell phone

2. Visit the do not call page of Airtel website.

It was hard to locate the do not call registry page in the Airtel website, but thanks to Google, finally I found it. Here is the official page in Airtel website to add phone numbers to the do-not-call list of Airtel:

In this page, you should register your phone number in which you do not want to receive advertising calls. According to the instructions given in the page, you will get a confirmation within 24 hours.

Also, the page says the do-no-call registration may take up to 45 days to be fully activated. Unfortunately, you have to live with the spam calls for few more weeks after adding the phone numbers to the do not call registry of Airtel.

Process to block advertising calls and tele marketing calls on Airtel phones:

Once you register your phone number in the do not call registry, Airtel will send you a 4 digit confirmation code to your mobile phone. You need to submit this confirmation code in the same page where you registered the phone number. This is a security feature to avoid people abusing this feature by adding random phone numbers to the do not call registry. (I know many people who like to receive advertisements in the phone since lot of deals and discounts are offered through such Ads)

After you add the 4 digit confirmation code, you will be presented with a page in the Airtel website which allow you to choose the type of calls you want to block.

However, the message on the above page is really confusing:

If you would like to receive some types of Promotional SMS and block all others, please click on the respective check boxes below, to receive messages of your choice. Multiple categories may also be selected by clicking respective check boxes. Please know, that no preference-based calls are allowed

If you wish to enroll under the Fully Blocked category i.e. to receive no calls or SMS' at all, we request you to please send an SMS 'Start 0' to 1909 from your Airtel phone. Alternatively you could also use our dedicated IVR by calling 1909, to register yourself. We are sorry for the inconvenience, as this website is still being developed.

It states choose the category you want to receive promotional calls and SMS. What if you do not want to receive any promotional calls at all? Sorry, there is no option there. You have to choose atleast 1 checkbox before you can submit that page. This means, you have to receive atleast 1 type of promotion!

Wait, read the second part. There is a ray of hope. It allows you to send an SMS to block all calls or call their IVR for the same. Since an SMS costs me Rs 3, I decided to call the automated number "1909" to block all promotional calls.

Wen I called 1909, the automated system said they already have a request from me being processed and asked me to call again after 7 days from the date of request. The only other option available was, unsubscribe from the do not call registry, which means receive all spam SMS and calls.

So I decided to wait few days and see what happens.

Result of adding my phone number to Airtel do not call registry

I was bit skeptical since the process was confusing and misleading. But looks like it worked. The tele marketing calls and unwanted, advertising SMS stopped after about a week. I no longer receive spam SMS and commercial phone calls on my Airtel cell phone anymore.

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